Tips For Rotator Cuff Recovery

If you are someone that plays a lot of sports like baseball, you could have heard of the rotator cuff.  This is the part of the body where the shoulder meets the arm.  When we throw a ball we are using this muscle and joint to spin, twist and move the ball in the ways needed to throw.  Over time, we can put a lot of strain on this part of the body and it can rip, fracture and worse. 

If you find yourself in this situation you will need to go and have rotator cuff surgery in Hilton Head Island.  This surgery will take up to six months to recover from and is a fairly serious injury.  When playing sports and doing physical activities, it is important that you keep an eye on that part of the body and rest it as much as possible.

Wearing a sling

Once you have the surgery, they say you need to keep it as immobile as possible.  This means that you will be wearing a sling for four to six weeks after the surgery.  When you find yourself in a sling, it will also a be a good idea to learn how to use your other arm to do day to day tasks.

Monitor your medications

When you have this type of surgery, it will be managed with pain medication.  It is important that you use the medication as directed and don’t try to take more or less than prescribed.  When taking medication make sure to drink plenty of water and to avoid alcohol and mixing of other drugs. 

False positives

rotator cuff surgery in Hilton Head Island

When working on your recovery you may experience false positives.  This means that your arm feels great and you don’t think you need to rest.  This is a false positive.  You need to follow the doctors instructions until he releases you.  Also, after you are released you need to watch what you do so you don’t reinjure yourself and find yourself in need of an additional surgery.